About Us

Our vision – A county that is aware, prepared, and resilient to all hazards!

Our mission – Helping the whole community before, during, and after disasters.

Organizational Values: Nassau County Emergency Management staff and volunteers commit to the following values:

  • Collaboration – engage internal and external stakeholders to accomplish tasks and fulfill the emergency management mission
  • Respect – recognize the importance of colleagues and customers, and treat each one as we would want to be treated
  • Integrity – each is accountable for their actions and conducts all activities ethically
  • Safety – protect the health and welfare of both staff and the public when performing all activities during both routine and emergency circumstances
  • Excellence – promote quality outcomes through continuing education and performance improvement
  • Sustainability – efficiently manage resources and quickly adapt as needed to ensure resilience and continuity of operations throughout the community

Our staff – Nassau County Emergency Management is a division of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office housed in the Emergency Operations Center. NCEM is responsible for planning and preparing for disasters, mitigating damage that might result from local hazards, and coordinating resources during emergency response and recovery operations. The time and resources invested beforehand pay off exponentially in the long run by reducing risk, decreasing losses and improving community resilience.

If your business, organization, church, or home-owners’ association would like help preparing for hazards such as storms, wildfire, floods, active shooter situation, or would like to volunteer to help during a disaster and recovery event, contact the EOC at 904-548-0900 to request training and exercise support.

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