It’s not a matter of if, but when disaster strikes! are you ready?

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center

It’s not a matter of if, but when disaster strikes! are you ready?

Activation Levels

The EOC is currently operating at: Level 3

Emergency Management Staff can be reached during normal business hours by calling (904)548-0900. 

Please dial 9-1-1 if you have a life-safety emergency.

evacuation staff
blue sky and lighthouse

Level 3 describes the day-to-day “blue skies” activities performed by the NCEM planners and dedicated volunteers.

Our County Watch Officers are monitoring local, regional, and world events while our Emergency Management and Planning Professionals collaborate with partners and stakeholders to develop plans, conduct training, and drill/exercise our plans to improve disaster preparedness throughout the county. During Level 3 Activation, the EOC is staffed from 0800-1700 hrs, Monday through Friday.

Level 2 usually indicates a threat is looming, or some large event or incident of concern is developing which could adversely impact our county.

Staff members focus on assessing the situation, making preparations to manage a crisis, and determining trigger points for further action. The team is maintaining heightened awareness, consulting with subject matter experts, answering questions from the public and the media, and communicating with key stakeholders who will assist in the EOC if the situation continues to develop for the worse.

tornado in the air

Emergency management personnel, volunteers, and key individuals from other agencies may be working after hours or through the weekend preparing Incident Action Plans for enhanced public safety operations and to ensure readiness for potential local impacts. High-profile planned events, civil unrest, and disaster recovery operations may also be handled at this level.

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Level 1 is a full-scale activation, requiring representatives from each emergency response and support specialty (e.g., law enforcement, fire rescue, transportation, utilities, health, animal care, business and industry, etc.) to report for duty in the EOC as outlined in Nassau County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Shifts for staff are typically extended to 12-hour periods around the clock until the crisis is under control.

Emergency Management coordinates the responders in the field ensuring life safety and protecting infrastructure, while workers in the EOC are planning for the resources needed to address the objectives for the next operational period. This level of activation may continue for several days or weeks, into the recovery phase.