Direct from the Director

Welcome to the Nassau County Emergency Management website. I am Tim Cooper, Director of Emergency Management in your county. It has been my honor to serve the citizens of Nassau County for 27 years as a Deputy Sheriff. Upon joining the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer in 1994, I learned quickly that the residents of this county were some of the most giving, compassionate, and caring people I have ever encountered.

Through the two and a half decades that I served as a Patrol Deputy, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain, I found myself in difficult situations and additionally found myself surrounded by a public that was supportive and cared about this county. In 2021, I was provided with the privilege of serving as the EM Director for the county that I love. Again, facing difficult situations like hurricanes and the current pandemic, I have seen the citizens of this county step up and support their neighbors and friends in a way that makes me optimistic for the future of our great community.

Please take some time to explore our website and learn how Nassau County Emergency Management, in coordination with our partners, are providing for your safety, security, and quick recovery from disasters, no matter how large or small. I look forward to continuing to serve Nassau County as we move into a bright future, and am proud to be part of “One Nassau”. With the help of the great staff at the Emergency Operations Center, the government employees at all levels, the volunteer groups, non-profits, faith based communities, and the people of Nassau County, we will continue to make Nassau County a great place to live, work, and play.