Amateur Radio (Ham) Technician Course

Oct 7

Want to be an Amateur Radio Operator? You’ll be better informed and prepared for any emergency and Ham Radio is just plain fun!

Nassau County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (NC-ARES) is presenting the radio theory and practices course starting October 7th.

Classes will be held every Wednesday from 7-9 pm for 6 weeks and admission is free.

The class will be in-person at the Emergency Operations Center in Yulee and the usual masks and social distancing will be employed for everyone’s safety.
Even with NO prior electric or radio knowledge, you will have the skills and knowledge to pass your Technician Class FCC License exam held on the last day of class!

Every single student in our January class passed with flying colors.

The FCC exam on the last day costs $15, and the optional (but highly recommended) textbook and course on CD are available for $29 on the first day of class.

NC-ARES makes no money on these fees and provides these classes as one of our several free services to the community.

Email to RSVP and tell us if you want a textbook waiting for you!