Get Involved

Emergency Management welcomes committed volunteers and student interns!

Your skills can enhance Nassau’s preparedness, communication, response, and recovery capabilities.

To learn more about emergency management, EOC operations, and ways to prepare for all hazards, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides free online Independent Study classes in a wide range of topics, from introductions to NIMS/ICS, CERT, Emergency Operation Centers and their various Emergency Support Functions, to Community Preparedness, Active Shooter preparedness, and Local Hazard Mitigation.

Anyone wishing to intern or volunteer their time working in the EOC before, during, or after a disaster first needs to:

  1. Complete FEMA’s basic introductions to the National Incident Management System IS-700b and the Incident Command System IS-100c, both of which are online classes.
  2. Submit a completed NCEM Volunteer Application
  3. Successfully complete the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office’s background screening process.

If you have questions about ways you can participate in community resilience planning, training, outreach, or other activities, please call us! The EOC’s Citizen Information Line is (904)548-0900.