EOC ACTIVATION LEVELS - Currently Level 1 "Full Scale Activation"

Level 1 is a full-scale activation, requiring representatives from each emergency response and support specialty (e.g., law enforcement, fire rescue, transportation, utilities, health, animal care, business and industry, etc.) to report for duty in the EOC as outlined in Nassau County’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

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Direct from the Director

Welcome to the new Nassau County Emergency Management website. I am Gregory L. Foster, Director of Emergency Management in your county.

Current Updates

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During Evacuation

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Key Contacts

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office
(904) 225-5174

Nassau County Fire Rescue
(904) 530-6600

Florida Dept. of Health – Nassau County
(904) 875-6100

Baptist Medical Center Nassau
(904) 321-3500

Nassau County Board of Commissioners
(904) 530-6010

City of Fernandina Beach
(904) 310-3100

Town of Hilliard
(904) 845-3555

Fernandina Beach Police Department
(904) 277-7342

Fernandina Beach Fire Rescue
(904) 277-7331

American Red Cross
(904) 358-8091

Nassau County Animal Services
(904) 530-6150

Nassau County Humane Society
(904) 321-1647

Town of Callahan
(904) 879-3801


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