NCSO Charity Jail Break 5K Run


Running Safely is up to YOU as the Runner

General Safety
  • Try to get a running partner, if possible.
  • Stay alert at all times. Be wary of “runner’s high,” fatigue, or any lapse of concentration.
  • Keep Hydrated!
  • Most of the Nassau County Jail Break Run is a trail-style run. Be ready to run through a wooded area and fields with rough terrain.
  • Bug spray isn’t required but it is encouraged.
  • The course terrain will be rough and uneven in some areas be mindful to watch where you step.
  • There will also be the possibility of encountering wildlife (including snakes that may wander into the field or on the path). Although, most of the wildlife will be more scared of you, please use caution.
  • If you are participating on the obstacles, you will be exposed to mud and various other conditions. (see photos below). Dress and plan accordingly.
  • You may decline and run around any obstacle you choose not to attempt. Participate at your own risk based on your own skills and abilities.
  • A wash-down station will be provided but towels will NOT be. Please bring your own.
  • If vehicle traffic is encountered, do not expect vehicles to alter their paths to avoid you
  • Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be available at the location and should be utilized through out the event.

There are 9 obstacles along the route. You may decline and run around any obstacle you choose not to attempt.

This year you will enter the obstacle course AFTER the half way point, on the return run to the finish line. As you are running the return half of the race, on the left there will be the entrance to the first obstacle area. This will be marked with signs. Please note, the obstacle area is ONE WAY ONLY. After completing the first four obstacles which are in a straight line as you run, you will return back to the running trail. After continuing on the trail through a wooded area, you will see a second obstacle course area in a clearing to the left. It will also be marked with signs. This second obstacle course area is also ONE WAY. Here you will complete obstacles 5-9. You will get wet and muddy at Obstacle 9, but that is close to the finish line where the Sheriff will be waiting to give you your medal. After Obstacle 9, return to the running trail and finish the 5K.

If a backup or line forms, feel free to go to another obstacle and come back. You may repeat each obstacle as many times as you want. The only thing we ask is that each obstacle area is one way only. For example go back to start of obstacle 1 for obstacles 1-4 and back to start of 5 for obstacles 5-9.

Start Groups
1is for the fast runners, 2 is for intermediate, and 3 is for slower joggers or walking groups. There is a cone numbered in the street in front of the flag poles. After the start briefing please go to the area you choose. Start on the siren with groups 5 minutes apart.

Obstacle 1 - Low Crawl
Obstacle 2 - SRT Wall
Obstacle 3 - Tire Run
Obstacle 4 - Rope Crossing
Obstacle 5 Log Jump
Obstacle 6 - Monkey Bars
Obstacle 7 Lifted Leap Frog
Obstacle 8 - Balance Beam
Obstacle 9 - Hill Climb and Mud Pit