It’s not a matter of if, but when disaster strikes! are you ready?

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center

It’s not a matter of if, but when disaster strikes! are you ready?

Hurricane Ian

9/28/22 as of 11 AM


As of 8 AM this morning, Nassau County has issued an Evacuation Order for zones A and D


The bridge is NOT closed.
If you are stopped and told by a Law Enforcement Officer that it is temporarily unsafe to drive across the bridge, then traffic has been stopped until the hazardous conditions have passed, just like any time there is a hazard in the road. Obey local Law Enforcement Officers!


Damage Reporting.
If you wish to report damage to property as a result of the storm please use this form.  

If the damage you notice may be life-threatening or dangerous to public safety (e.g., live power lines down, large branches or other debris in the road) please call 904-225-5174 or 9-1-1 so that emergency personnel can be dispatched to secure the area.

Power Outages
If you have a power outage, contact your utility provider online or by phone:
FPUC Florida Public Utilities Company is or phone 800-427-7712
FPL Florida Power & Light is or phone 800-468-8243
OREMC Okefenoke Rural Electric Membership Corp is or phone 800-262-5131

Water or Wastewater Outages:
NAU Nassau Amelia Utilities is or phone 904-530-6903
JEA is or phone 904-665-6000

The official forecasts from the National Hurricane Center
And the Jax NWS Office