Covid Update April 19th

32 new Nassau Resident Cases were added on Friday 4/16  and are now in isolation. All but one of those residents are between the ages of 8 yrs and 54 yrs. The trend in Florida cases continues to rise rather than fall.

Our seniors are getting vaccinated. The rest of our adult population should, too.  If you don’t know where to get your free vaccination, call us at 904-548-0900.

Yes, it has gone on for a long time and we get that you are tired of being asked to do your part – but it’s a small inconvenience to improve a huge problem, not unlike rationing and conservation efforts that went on for years during WWII.

If we ALL make an effort to stop the pandemic, lives will be saved and it will end sooner than later.
1) Stay home if you are sick (or might be infectious.)
2) Wash your hands often and keep touched surfaces clean.
3) Avoid crowds and close contact with non-household members.
4) If you must be in close quarters with others, wear a facemask.
5) Get fully vaccinated as soon as you are able.