Hurricane Ian Press Release #12: Storm Debris

Press Release #12
Storm Debris

Preliminary damage and debris assessments by Nassau County’s emergency responders
indicate minor impacts to the area. Therefore, the County will not be activating supplemental
debris removal contracts. Residents are advised to separate their household and yard debris
and dispose of it through normal channels.
Excess yard waste should be cut and bagged according to waste-removal providers’ guidelines.
Please contact your garbage hauler directly with questions.
Excess yard waste and construction/demolition debris may be taken to Sandhill Recycling
Center at 153326 CR-108 in Yulee for a fee. Call 904-225-2801 for hours and rates.
Residents of local municipalities should follow city and town debris disposal procedures.
Nasau County’s Convenience and Recycle Center will be open on Saturday, October 1st and
Sunday, October 2, 2022 from 8am-12pm. Please note that this site is NOT permitted to take
yard or construction debris. This site accepts normal household waste for disposal and only
paper, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, tires, electronics, and latex paint for recycling.
Pursuant to Florida Statute, Chapter 403.413, it is unlawful for any person to dump litter in any
manner or amount in or on any public highway, road, street, alley, or thoroughfare. Individuals
caught dumping are subject to a citation.