Hurricane Ian: Press Release #4

Press Release #4
Evacuation Zone vs. Flood Zone
Many residents have inquired about the difference between a flood zone and an evacuation zone. We trust
that you will find this information useful.
Flood zones are areas mapped by FEMA for use in the National Flood Insurance Program. Each flood zone
designation, represented by a letter or letters, tells homeowners their risk for flooding on their property.
Evacuation zones are based on storm surge zones determined by the National Hurricane Center. Nassau
County uses Zones A-K to identify evacuation zones based on the areas that are likely to be affected by
storm surge.
Should Nassau County call for an evacuation, you will be called by your evacuation zone. Please know
your evacuation zone so you can be ready if called! An Evacuation Zone Map can be located at There is also an interactive version at, under the
GIS Mapping feature.
Please continue to remain vigilant and follow public safety announcements. They can be heard on NOAA
Weather Radio; Local radio stations 89.9 FM, 145.5 FM and 690 AM; and local news stations Channels 4,
12, 30 and 47.
Information related to the storm can also be found at Follow Emergency
Management on social media at or at
If you have any questions, please contact Nassau County Emergency Management at (904) 548-0900.