Press Release #6 Shelter Openings

If you are planning to go to the Special Needs Shelter, please ensure that you have completed the special needs registration through the Department of Health. They can be reached at 888-353-8387. You can also
register online at If you have already registered, you will be contacted by the Department of Health.

Everyone visiting a shelter should be prepared to bring:

• Personal identification including Photo ID, insurance card, emergency contacts and your primary care provider’s contact information
• Medical information including medications taken, dosage and doctor name/contact info
• Any prescription and/or over the counter medication that you may need
• Vital equipment for those who are electrically or oxygen dependent
• Food/snacks, particularly those with special dietary needs
• Bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows)
• Medications and copied of prescriptions
• Sanitary supplies (soap, shampoo, sanitizer, disinfecting wipes)
• Clothing