Tropical Storm Ian Press Release 10: Evacuate Zone A & D

Press Release #10
Message to Individuals in Zones A and D
If you reside in Evacuation Zones A or D and have yet to evacuate, you are strongly encouraged to do so
immediately while tides are at their lowest point. This will be your last chance to evacuate before conditions
become too dangerous to leave your home.
Some areas in Nassau County are already experiencing standing water. The tide is expected to be at its
highest point between between12:00-1:00 a.m. this evening. Nassau County is still projected to receive
heavy rains and a storm surge of 3-6 feet along the coast.
Please note that should you contact 911 for assistance this evening, there’s a great chance that they will not
be able to respond.
As always, remain vigilant and follow public safety announcements. They can be heard on NOAA Weather
Radio; Local radio stations 89.9 FM, 104.5 FM and 690 AM; and local news stations Channels 4, 12, 30
and 47.
Information related to the storm can also be found at Follow Emergency
Management on social media at or at
If you have any questions, please contact Nassau County Emergency Management at (904) 548-0900. We
have staff and volunteers working in the call center 24/7 until further notice.