Tropical Storm Ian Press Release #9: Update

September 29, 2022
Press Release #9
Update on Tropical Storm Ian
Hurricane Ian was downgraded overnight to a Tropical Storm. However, the storm’s current track does not
exclude Nassau County from the projected storm surge. Yesterday, sea levels in Nassau County were
already a foot higher than normal due to the Nor’easter we’ve been experiencing. The first bands of the
storm have not reached Nassau County yet. The storm is still projected to bring another 3-6 feet of storm
surge along the coast over the next 48 hours.
At this time, we would like to urge all residents to remain in place. Even if the skies clear temporarily,
trailing winds are still a threat as it is projected that Nassau County will experience tropical storm force
winds speeds.
Please resist the temptation to drive around the county or to begin working in your yards. Based on statistics,
most injuries and deaths occur post storm. Please stay safe!
There are no plans to close the Shave Bridge. However, if winds reach 39 mph sustained (continuous for 1
minute), traffic will temporarily be stopped until the wind drops below 39 mph. We have officers
monitoring wind speeds continuously. As of approximately 11:30 a.m., winds were at 30 mph. We will do
our best to notify the public if we anticipate a temporary closure.
If you do need to leave your home and you see standing water on the roads, please do not attempt to drive
through it. Even if you are familiar with the road, there’s always the possibility of the road being damaged
underneath. Further, there’s no way to know the depth of the water. Remember that it only takes a few feet
of water to carry a vehicle away. This includes trucks and SUVs.
To report damages to property resulting from the storm, please be sure to self-report. This includes anything
life threatening or dangerous to public safety including flooding, live downed power lines, large branches
and other debris in the road. Self-report by visiting: