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Welcome to Nassau County Emergency Management

Local Hazard of the Week:  Severe Thunderstorms
Free cardiac screenings for young people ages 10-20 yrs on July 20th at the Peck Center
Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in student athletes and on school campuses. 
Experts estimate 1 in 300 children have a cardiac anomaly that can cause sudden death later in life.  These free, simple screenings will be conducted by medical professionals and read by pediatric cardiologists.  Register for cardiac screening here.

We want your input on local hazard mitigation projects!

Please take a minute to click the survey link below and let us know about disaster preparedness and hazard mitigation from your perspective.  And let us know about flood-prone roads and other issues in your neighborhood.  Thank you!


Nassau now has three WeatherSTEM units collecting real-time weather information.  Use our dashboard to see what it's like now, weather during the last 24 hours, and forecasts for the next several days in Callahan, Hilliard, and Yulee.
CLICK HERE for the Nassau WeatherSTEM Dashboard

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If you have information about recent weather impacts in your area or photos of flooding, hail, spinning tornadic clouds, washed-out roadways or culverts, or uprooted/damaged trees, please use the green button to let us know.  You can even send us a photo! 

EM uses the data you share to verify severe weather forecasts from the National Weather Service and automatically sends road damage information to the Public Works Department so they can take action quickly to ensure public safety.

Our Preparedness Guide contains information about local hazards, things residents can do to get prepared, a map of evacuation zones, and important phone numbers.  

Nassau County is

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