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Know Your Evacuation Zone

No one wants to be told they must leave their home, even when their personal property is in danger; however, evacuation orders may be issued to protect lives and allow first responder resources (police, paramedics and fire fighters) to conduct important operations during a disaster.  Florida Statute 252.38 gives local governments the authority to take necessary steps, including issuing evacuation orders, to provide for the health and safety of people and property within the jurisdiction when an imminent hazard puts them at risk.  Evacuation orders apply to residents, pets, businesses, hospitals, assisted living facilities, government entities, and emergency services in the affected area.  Chapter 252.50, F. S., sets refusal to follow an evacuation order as a second-degree misdemeanor. 


If an evacuation is ordered, follow instructions from Emergency Management officials.  Temporary mass care shelters will be opened so that residents with no other options can have a secure place to stay until it is safe to return home.

As the maps below illustrate, Nassau has established All-Hazards Evacuation Zones throughout the county.  Evacuation Zones are not Flood Zones, but flooding potential was one of the factors considered when zones were determined.  While most evacuations in Nassau have been ordered in response to the threat of tropical cyclones and flooding, they may also be issued when wildfire, an accidental release of hazardous materials, or other hazard threatens an area.  Sometimes, an order to shelter-in-place may be issued rather than an evacuation order.  Listen closely and follow emergency warning messages from local officials.

To see larger, high-resolution versions of the Evacuation Zones maps below, click the map images. 

Map of Nassau County Florida colorized to indicate designated Evacuation Zones
Map of the east half of Nassau County FL colorized to indicate designated Evacuation Zones
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