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Hazards in Nassau County

Northeast Florida is subject to a variety of natural hazards, from extreme temperatures and severe weather to wildfires, rip currents, and dangerous flooding; many of which can occur with very little warning and have cascading impacts.  Human-caused hazards like chemical, biological, and radiological substance releases or criminal activities are also possible.  All hazards can have multiple impacts:

FEMA graphic of potential consequences of natural hazards - power disruption, businesses being closed, food spoilage, medical devices

Residents and visitors should be aware of their vulnerabilities to local hazards and learn the best ways to remain healthy and safe. 

Click on the hazard icons below to learn about these conditions, the risks associated with each, and the steps to take to be well-prepared before, during, and after they strike.

Button to describe beach hazards

Beach and Water Activities

Green and white flooding icon

Coastal, Riverine, and Areal Flooding

Click these links to see Nassau's Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) Base Plan, the multi-jurisdiction (county and municipalities) Local Hazard Mitigation Strategy, and the current list of proposed mitigation projects to reduce future damage and losses from natural hazards. 

Nassau County's professional planners, engineers, public works specialists, and stormwater experts are always interested in public input to help develop and prioritize improvement projects that will mitigate the hazards and reduce the community's risks.  Come to a Stakeholder's meeting or Contact Us to share your ideas (such as:  changes to building and land use codes, flood control structures, greenways, permeable parking surfaces, defensible space around critical infrastructure, lightning rods, additional mosquito control districts, and "undergrounding" utility lines.)

Whole-Community EM Stakeholder Working Group meetings are held quarterly, the second Wednesday of March, June, September, and December at 10:30 a.m. in the EOC, to identify and discuss our Emergency Management ProgramAll Nassau residents are encouraged to participate!

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